Jungle Themed Cakes and Cake Pops

Lately there have been a TON of requests for jungle themed cakes and cake pops… I have to say, they are some of my most favorite pieces to do!  Each animal takes on it’s own character.  They’re perfect for every occasion.  Here are just a few recent ones I’ve done.  All cake pops (perfect for favors) and cake toppers can be purchased and shipped by emailing me directly at cakepopmyheart@yahoo.com




SATURDAY SOIREE – Once Upon A Baby Shower

We threw a double baby shower for some friends of ours.  One was having a girl and one was having a boy!  So fun.  Both of them went back to their home towns for family baby showers and got most everything they needed, but we still wanted to do something fun to honor the two mommies to be.  So it was decided to throw a shower that will help them to stock up on diapers and as an added bonus we thought starting a book collection of favorite childhood books would be fun too!  We decided a brunch would be nice.  We served French Toast Souffle, homemade cinnamon rolls, scones, fruit salad, eggs, and hash browns. I hope you enjoy the pictures!!!  The invite read like this:

Come celebrate these beautiful mommies-to-be

With a shower over brunch and maybe some tea

Lets PAMPERS and HUGGIES them with diapers and care

Also a favorite children’s book for each baby we’ll share

Please bring one of your favorite children’s book and some diapers for each mommy.


I for one am not one for games… I do find them fun, but I find that most guests don’t enjoy playing them, so we thought this one game would be something sweet for everyone.  Not to mention it took up some time and actually was fun and a new  game for everyone there.

So the game was called Baby Memory!  It’s basically the Memory Game with all things relating to baby.  Prizes correspond with the words.  Here are the pictures of the game board.  For each match the person who won that match gets a candy bar that goes along with words that were matched. Below the pictures is the Key.


Words:                               Candy Bar:

Sleep the first Year         Take 5

Triplets                              3 Musketeers Bar

Conception                       Skor Bar

Epidural                            Life Savors

Umbilicalcord                 Gummy Worms

Contractions                    Woppers

Hospital Bill                     100 Grand

Baby Giggles                     Snickers Bar

Nurses and Staff               Smarties

Baby Lulliby                       Symphony Bar

Anesthesiologist               Mr. Good Bar

Chubby Baby                      Rolos

Deciding On Names        Whatchamacolit

Obstetrician                       Butterfinger Bar

Baby Poop                           Tootsie Rolls

Post Baby Belly                   Jelly Bellies

Twins                                    Mike & Ikes

Breast Feeding                    Mild Duds

there are so many more ideas for this came.  Get creative and make it your own!