Avery In Wonderland Soiree

In our house, we love anything Disney. There for all our parties are Disney inspired.  Alice in Wonderland is a movie favorite.  We created our own Wonderland for our first daughters third birthday!


This party took me months of planning and creating.  From the front yard through our house and into the back yard where we had a lovely tea party and a sweet game of croquet.

In the front yard the guests were greeted by the Mome Raths and other Wonderland Creatures.

The Mirrored Birds, Bread and Butterflies and the Horn Ducks were all out to play

The White Rabbit’s foot prints lead the way…


The “drink me” beverage and keys to unlock the door were set out to Enter…

Once inside the Wonderland Garden was in full bloom…

The main table was full of snacks…

The Birthday Girl got her own “Mad Hatter” Cake

The Caterpillar on his Mushroom sat 9 feet high…

The cards were also busy painting the roses red…

They were also ready and set up for a fun game of croquet

Of course the flimsy flamingos were blown up to play, but for some reason they wouldn’t cooperate 🙂 the kids loved trying to hit the balls with them.

Main table with snacks, finger sandwiches, and desserts…

We shopped around for different tea cups that were on sale or at second hand stores and then painted them.  I stacked and glued them.

We used squeeze it’s for their drinks and added home made “drink me” tags…

for their take home favors we did cupcakes in jar with “eat me” tags…

This was one of my most favorite parties I’ve ever put on…








2 thoughts on “Avery In Wonderland Soiree

  1. Hi
    just wondering if you have a templet for any alice in wonderland stuff you done? im having a alice in wonderland party and finding it hard to get anything so i thought i would make a few thing

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