Easter Smore’s

Going through the Store gathering things for the girls Easter Parties at school and drooling over all the sweets, (which I can’t have because I gave it up for lent.  No, I’m not Catholic, but that’s a whole other story) this though occurred to me  “Pretty Peeps = Marshmallow + colored sugar = Pretty Marshmallow colored Smores”  I had to try it out!  Here’s what I came up with!

So, Of course you need the essentials:

Graham Crackers

Chocolate Bar

Pretty Peeps

If you are doing this for an Easter Party or a kids get together, here is a fun way to display them and get the kiddies excited for their edible project!  i just love the way it looked.

Go ahead and pick your peep of choice.  I went with Purple… start building…

Now at this point, place it on a paper towel or a microwave safe dish.  I did it for 7 seconds and it was perfect.  You may need to adjust the time according to whether your microwave cooks faster or slower and theeeennnnn tadaaaa!

Now, I like to live by the saying “go big or go home”  so I first started with two peeps and two layers of chocolate.  Well in this case, don’t apply that saying!

As you can see it was a little too much for this poor graham cracker!  But I felt like it just need a little more color or something… soooooo why not add some drizzled chocolate!?!?!?!  whaaa laaaa!!

But as if this wasn’t enough sugar… now we can go big cause we sure aint going home!!!  Add some confetti sprinkles…

Can’t wait to do these with the girls when they get home from school!  Enjoy and please leave a comment or picture and let me know how yours turned out! 🙂







3 thoughts on “Easter Smore’s

  1. Reblogged this on The Naptime Nook and commented:
    I saw this while browsing the blogosphere – adorable idea for all those extra peeps you’ll be getting in your Easter basket! I foresee this being put to practice quite frequently next week in Abby’s household…let’s just say her mom and I are pretty avid smore lovers 🙂

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